Hey, Hufflepuff has been hated, by Slytherins, some Griffendoors and even Ravenclaws!! End this!!!!

We are loyal and kind! And not obnoxious, like the other houses, we may not be the most loved but my LOVE MAKES UP FOR IT! I believe that we all can be equals.

What house do you belong in? I am obviously HufflePuff!

Now Hufflepuff is a place for loyal, kind and paitent people, these are the best types of people!! We all need these traits, so why are we hated?

We all have heroes in our houses, not all Slitherins are without love, take Snape, not all Gryffindoors are confident, slam Neville in your face, and not all Ravenclaws are with it, make Luna hover to you. So why is it so hard to break the stereotypes!